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 These are the varieties of orange-yellow open-pollinated (non-hybrid)
 tomato plants that we expect to offer in 2004.
This year we offered 100 varieties of tomato plants.

Amana Orange
Big, 1-lb., glowing orange beefsteaks have an intense full flavor that most tomatoes don't match! This very attractive heirloom tomato is named for the Amana Colonies, in Amana, IA. Indeterminate, late season.
Compact plants produce very heavy yields of 2" amber-gold fruit. It has a nice sweet taste and is early. Colorful.
Cheeseman's Tomato
A wild species; small pear/oval-shaped tomatoes are a bright orange color; sweet and flavorful. An interesting type used in plant breeding as it has a very high beta carotene content. Very rare.
Dad's Sunset
The perfect orange tomato! Large 10-oz. fruit are very smooth, uniform, and a beautiful, glowing orange in color. It keeps very well. One of the best flavored tomatoes we have tried.
Golden Jubilee
A very popular orange variety; fine, sweet, mild flavor; good size and yield. An old standard. Indeterminate, mid-season.
Golden Ponderosa
Introduced in 1914 by Peter Henderson & Co. It has the huge size of the Ponderosa but is rich golden yellow in color, and the flavor is very sweet, delicious, and mild. This golden type is becoming rare. A great, large yellow tomato. Indeterminate, mid-season.
Golden Roma
Thick, meaty flesh makes a perfect tomato for processing; beautiful bright lemon yellow fruit are sweet and smooth tasing; good yields. For making colorful sauce or great fresh.
Henderson's "Golden Ponderosa"
see Golden Ponderosa
Kellogg's Breakfast
A giant, beautiful orange beefsteak preserved by Darrell Kellogg, a railroad supervisor, from Redford, MI. The fruit are very flavorful and superbly sweet! This delicious heirloom is from West Virginia. Indeterminate, mid-season.
Kentucky Beefsteak
An enormous, luminescent orange beefsteak from the "Bluegrass State." The flavor is superbly sweet, mild, and fruity. A wonderful tomato for market growers; can grow up to 2 lbs. This heirloom was collected from Eastern Kentucky. Indeterminate, late season.

Delicious, light yellow translucent cherry tomatoes. The flavor of these is really good--both sweet and fruity. These pretty fruit are popular at farmer's markets. Plants set good yields!
Orange Banana
Unique, orange banana-shaped paste tomatoes. These tomatoes are bursting with fruity sweetness. Perfect for drying, canning, and paste. Also delicious fresh and is great for specialty markets. Orange is rare in paste tomatoes. Indeterminate, mid-season.
Plum Lemon
The bright canary-yellow 3" fruit looks just like a fresh lemon. The perfect tomato for marketing along with Green Zebra, Orange Banana, and Black Prince to chefs and other fresh markets. This variety was collected by Kent Whealy of Seed Savers Exchange, from an elderly seedsman at the Bird Market in Moscow. Delicious, sweet taste. Indeterminate, mid-late season.
Reinhards Goldkirsche
German yellow cherry tomato from Reinhard Craft. This variety produces loads of 1" golden-yellow sweet fruits. Large vines.
Roman Candle
Beautiful, neon yellow banana-shaped fruits are bursting with intense sweetness and flavor. A wonderful new tomato that originated as a sport from Mr. John Swenson's Speckled Roman. Colorful!
Sungold Select
A superb tomato from Europe. 1/2- to 1-oz. small golden orange fruit are very flavorful, tender, and sweet. This one is in our top 5 tomatoes for flavor and excellent yield. A non-hybrid version of Sungold. You still may get a few red-fruited plants.
Yellow Brandywine
Superbly rich and delicious-tasting large fruit. The golden variety gives good yields, and fruit are better tasing in our opinion than Pink Brandywine. Large potato-leafed plants are very sturdy and deep green. This heirloom is delicious any way you eat it. Indeterminate, late season.

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