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Pink Tomatoes

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We will post our remaining plants.
We are now accepting orders for tomato, pepper, tomatillo, and eggplant plants. Please allow up to eight weeks for shipment. If you need your plants sooner than that, contact us about availability before sending your payment. 
These are the varieties of pink open-pollinated (non-hybrid)
 tomato plants (some of which may be heirlooms) that we are offering.
All tomato plants are $1.50 each.
See Order Form page for shipping prices.


Amish Salad, 80 days, indeterminate, 1"-2", cherry
This pink, grape-shaped Amish heirloom produces loads of crunchy cherry tomatoes that are so sweet and tasty. Popular with market growers as these keep so well. Large plants are very productive!
Arkansas Traveler, 76 days, indeterminate, 6-8 oz., slicer
A medium-size pink tomato that is smooth and a beautiful rose color. Tolerant to heat and humidity; crack and disease resistant. Good flavor. From Arkansas, an excellent Hillbilly favorite.
Bali, 70-80 days, indeterminate, 2"-3", slicer
An Oriental favorite. Flat, delicious, ribbed fruit are a fantastic raspberry-pink in color. In flavor they are sweet, spicy and everything nice, with a pronounced fragrance that makes them a delight to eat. Large plants produce loads of fruit. Good for home and market gardeners. This Heirloom comes from the Island of Bali, Indonesia.
Bradley, 80 days, determinate, 8-10 oz., fresh market    New!
This variety produces a plentiful harvest of smooth, luscious fruits filled with old-fashioned tomato flavor.
Brandywine, HL, 75-85 days, indeterminate, 1-1 lb., beefsteak
The most popular heirloom vegetable! A favorite of many gardeners; beautiful, large fruit with superb flavor. A great potato-leafed variety from 1885!
Calf's Heart, late season, 1 lb., fresh     New!
From an elderly man in Hardin County, KY. He'd been growing this variety for many years and had always called it Calf's Heart. It's similar to the Bull's Heart varieties. Extremely sweet! You'll want to eat this one fresh. Very few seeds. Not as productive as some varieties, but definitely worth growing anyway.
Canabec Rose, early to mid-season, determinate to semi-determinate, 4-5 oz., slicer     New!
This variety from Canada produces an abundance of fruit.
Daniels, 80-85 days, indeterminate, 12 oz. to 2 lbs.     New!
Glowing pink tomatoes that are definitely one of the very best. The yield is very heavy. The flavor is so sweet, they are absolutely yummy! This variety has been in one Missouri family many years and was originally brought from Germany.
Eva Purple Ball, 75-80 days, indeterminate, 5-8 oz., fresh market
Smooth, uniform deep pink globes are perfect looking and the fruit are produced in abundance all season. Luscious, sweet flavor that is hard to beat. This is a good market variety brought from the Black Forest region of Germany in the late 1800’s. A favorite of grower Merl Neidens.
German Pink, mid-season to late, indeterminate, 12-16 oz., beefsteak     New!
Extremely meaty, with very sweet flavor; productive.
Giant Belgium, 85-90 days, indeterminate, 1-3 lbs., beefsteak
HUGE, very sweet pink fruit. It is easy to grow fruit over 2 lbs., some have even grown as large as 5 lbs.! The fruit are so delicious and sweet. This wonderful old variety gives heavy yields of fairly smooth fruit.
Hank, 77 days, indeterminate, 1-2 oz., juice     New!
This heirloom produces small, irregularly-shaped, acidic fruit. You will be over run with them.
Jerry's German Giant, 77 days, indeterminate, to 3 lbs.     New!
This heirloom abundantly produces very large, sweet and tasty fruit. These produced the largest tomatoes that we grew in our garden in 2003. We will definitely grow them again.  
Marizol Purple, 80 days, indeterminate, 8-16 oz., slicer
Smooth, dark, purplish-pink, sweet fruits. Heirloom from the Black Forest region of Germany.
Marlowe Charleston, 80 days, indeterminate, up to 10-12 oz., beefsteak     New!
Large, flattened pink fruits. Known to ripen early for their size. Good flavor.
Missouri Pink Love Apple, 70-80 days, indeterminate, 8-16 oz., beefsteak     New!
Very large pink fruit are very flavorful. They may be even better tasting than Brandywine; the taste is perfect! Good yields on potato leaf plants. This Missouri heirloom has been grown since the Civil War era, and was grown as an ornamental, as some still thought tomatoes were poisonous (they are a member of the Nightshade family [Solanaceae], as are such plants as Belladonna, Mandrake and Datura), but we can assure you they are delicious.
Mortgage Lifter, 80-90 days, indeterminate, 1-2+ lbs., beefsteak
Large, smooth fruit have a delicious, rich, sweet taste. This variety has become very popular in recent years, and was developed by M.C. Byles of Logan, West Virginia. After crossing varieties for 6 years and selecting the best, he introduced this beauty that he named Mortgage Lifter in the 1940’s after he sold plants for $1 each and paid off the $6,000 mortgage on his house.
Omar's Lebanese, 80 days, indeterminate, 1-2 lbs., beefsteak
Huge pink fruit, can grow as large as 3-4 lbs.! One of the largest tomatoes you can grow. The mammoth fruit have a superb flavor; sweet, perfect tomato taste. Good yields on vigorous plants, good tolerance to disease, a rare family heirloom from Lebanon. Perfect for anyone who wants to grow huge, tasty tomatoes.
Pink Accordion, 90 days, indeterminate,  5-10 oz., slicer/stuffing
Truly unique, large pink fruit is ruffled like an accordion. Very attractive--one of the most beautiful I have seen. Perfect for specialty markets, the cut slices are stunning. This tomato is semi-hollow so it is excellent for stuffing, the flavor is sweet and mild.  
Ponderosa Pink, HL, 80-90 days, indeterminate, 12 oz.-2 lbs.+, beefsteak
Huge, meaty pink-red beefsteak introduced by Peter Henderson & Co. in 1891 and the most famous of their varieties. In 1903 their catalog said, "Quality Beyond Praise, Rich and meaty--sliced. Thick and delicious--canned." Still popular with gardeners.
Pruden's Purple, 67-75 days, indeterminate, 1 lb., beefsteak
Lovely deep-pink fruits are early for such large fruit. Similar to Brandywine in taste, size and having the same sweet, rich taste. Potato-leaved plants.
Raspberry, 80 days, indeterminate, 8-16 oz., beefsteak      New!
A sweet and large irregularly-shaped tomato. Has bright red juice, which accounts for the name.
Slankard's, 80-85 days, indeterminate, 1-1 lbs.+     New!
Large plant produces an abundance of large, solid, meaty, great-tasting fruits.
Thai Pink Egg, 75 days, indeterminate, 1 oz., fresh market
Delicious grape tomatoes from Thailand, "The Land of Smiles." The crisp pink fruit are bursting with natural goodness, sweet and rich. This fleshy tomato with few seeds is popular all over the Kingdom. The brilliant pink, grape-shaped fruit are perfect for fresh markets, restaurants and more! Good yields and fruit is uniform.
Watermelon Beefsteak, OP, 75-90 days, indeterminate, up to 3 lb.+, beefsteak
This heirloom was introduced commercially in 1958 by Glecklers Seedsmen of Metamora, Ohio, and was collected from West Virginia, where it had been grown for almost 100 years by a few mountain families. This variety produces huge purplish-pink oblong-shaped fruit, similar to a watermelon. One of the best tasting of all--sweet, almost like watermelon!
Winsall, 80 days, indeterminate, 8-16 oz., slicer
Introduced by Peter Henderson and Co. in 1924. Henderson had 3 pages listed about it in their 1926 catalog. "It Wins Approval from 40,000 People--It Wins Prizes Wherever Shown--It Wins by Its Qualities of Sweetness, Solidity, and Seedlessness--It Wins Because of Its Wonderful Size and Gorgeous Color." and "Henderson's Winsall is a great improvement upon Ponderosa" and "...Excels all others in vigor and freedom from plant diseases." This tomato is again gaining much popularity among gardeners and we are very pleased to be able to offer it!

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