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Abundant Acres Growers

Orange/Yellow/Golden Tomatoes

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We will post our remaining plants.
We are now accepting orders for tomato, pepper, tomatillo, and eggplant plants. Please allow up to eight weeks for shipment. If you need your plants sooner than that, contact us about availability before sending your payment.
These are the varieties of orange/yellow/golden open-pollinated
(non-hybrid) tomato plants (some of which may be heirlooms) 
that we are offering.
All tomato plants are $1.50 each.
See Order Form page for shipping prices.
Amber-Colored, 65-68 days, semi-determinate, 2", slicer
Regular leaf plants abundantly produce beautiful amber-colored globes, really flavorful and fruity.
Banana Legs, 75 days, determinate, 2-4 oz., 4" x 1", paste     New!
This prolific, meaty tomato is yellow and banana-shaped, has few seeds and a good taste.
Dad's Sunset, 90-100 days, indeterminate, 10 oz., slicer
The perfect orange tomato! Large fruit are very smooth, uniform, and a beautiful, glowing orange in color. It keeps very well. One of the best flavored tomatoes.
Gold Nugget, OP, 55-60 days, determinate, 1", cherry     New!
Very productive plants yield very sweet, yellow, globular to oval cherry tomatoes, many of which are seedless. Crack resistant. Perfectly suited for the climate of the Pacific Northwest United States and Canada, as well as other maritime climates. Ideal for use as a salad tomato.
Golden Egg, cherry/drying     New!
Small, yellow, delicious, egg-shaped fruit. From Aziz Nael, France. Rare.
Golden Jubilee, 80 days, indeterminate, 6 oz., slicer
A very popular orange variety; fine, sweet, mild flavor; good size and yield. An old standard.
Golden Treasure, 120 days (harvest at 70 days), indeterminate, 2", storage     New!
One of the newer storage type of tomatoes. At the end of your season, pick them all. If you keep them in the refrigerator, they last for weeks. Ripens inside in Nov.- Dec. The longest lasting and best flavor of all the keeper varieties.
Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry, indeterminate, 1", cherry     New!
An abundance of mild, sweet yellow cherry tomatoes. Remains productive until frost; somewhat frost-tolerant, down to 28 to 32F.
Hawaiian Pineapple, 80-90 days, indeterminate, 1-3 lb., beefsteak     New!
This is a wonderful, very large, and ultra-sweet golden/orange tomato. It's very productive for this kind of tomato, but waits until the end of summer. The seeds are only around the outside, with a solid core that really does look like the core of a pineapple, with reddish streaks.
Jubilee, OP, 80 days, indeterminate, 6-7 oz., fresh/canning     New!
Golden-orange fruits have a mild flavor. They are large, globular and smooth, with a meaty, thick-walled interior. Few seeds.
Kellogg's Breakfast, 79 days, indeterminate, 1 lb.+, beefsteak
A giant, beautiful orange tomato preserved by Darrell Kellogg, a railroad supervisor from Redford, Michigan. The fruit are very flavorful and superbly sweet! This delicious heirloom is from West Virginia.
Kentucky Beefsteak, HL, 115 days, indeterminate, to 2 lbs., beefsteak
An enormous, luminescent orange tomato from the "Bluegrass State." The flavor is superbly sweet, mild and fruity. A wonderful tomato for market growers. This heirloom was collected from Eastern Kentucky.
Lollipop, 79 days, indeterminate, 1", cherry
Delicious, light yellow translucent tomatoes. The flavor of these is really good--both sweet and fruity. These pretty fruit are popular at farmers’ markets. Plants set good yields, even during continuously high temperatures. Disease resistant. A real winner!
New Sun, early, 8-16 oz., slicer     New!
Not quite as early as the sub-arctic types, but with better flavor. An impressive bright yellow tomato. Disease resistant.
Orange Banana, 80 days, indeterminate, 3", fresh market/drying/canning/paste
Unique, orange banana-shaped tomatoes. These tomatoes are bursting with fruity sweetness. Great for specialty markets. Orange color is rare in paste tomatoes.
Orange Strawberry, 80 days, indeterminate, 8-16 oz., paste     New!
This is an orange heart-shaped tomato. Good yielding, has few seeds, and does look like a giant orange strawberry when cut in half. Sweet and delicious!
Peach, 75-85 days, indeterminate, 2-3 oz.     New!
A regular leaf plant producing small yellow tomatoes with a pink blush and with rough skin very much like the fuzziness of a peach. Firm but flavorful, very nice for eating out of hand.
Plum Lemon, 95 days, indeterminate, 4-6 oz., fresh market/sauce/paste
The bright canary-yellow fruit looks just like a fresh lemon. The perfect tomato for marketing along with Green Zebra, Orange Banana and Black Prince to chefs and other gourmets. This variety was collected by Kent Whealy of Seed Savers Exchange, from a elderly seedsman at the Bird Market in Moscow. Delicious, sweet taste.
Roman Candle, 85-90 days, indeterminate, 2" x 4", drying
Pure yellow, nearly cylindrical fruit.
Sunshine, 70 days, determinate, 1"-1", cherry     New!
Rated as one of the better yellow cherry tomatoes by market growers and gardeners, these bright-yellow fruit are crack resistant. Heavy yields. The sugar levels can be quite high when properly fertilized.
Yellow Brandywine, 100 days, indeterminate, 12-20 oz., beefsteak
Prolific yields of golden yellow fruits with creamy texture. Potato leaf plants.
Yellow Currant, HL, 65 days, indeterminate, ", cherry/drying
You are sure to like the tart and sweet taste of these bright yellow tomatoes. A heavy producer.
Yellow Pear, 70-78 days, indeterminate, 1"-1", fresh/pickling     New!
Clusters of brilliant-yellow, pear-shaped fruit with a delicious mild flavor. Tasty and attractive whole for appetizers and salads; also fine pickled or preserved.
Yellow Plum, HL, 70 days, indeterminate, 1", fresh     New!
Lots of sweet and mild plum-shaped tomatoes and produced on vigorous vines.
Yellow Stuffer, 76 days, indeterminate, 4-8 oz., stuffing     New!
Like a bright yellow bell pepper in size, shape, seed arrangement, and thickness. Great for stuffing.

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