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Abundant Acres Growers

Purple/Black/Brown Tomatoes

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We will post our remaining plants.
We are now accepting orders for tomato, pepper, tomatillo, and eggplant plants. Please allow up to eight weeks for shipment. If you need your plants sooner than that, contact us about availability before sending your payment.
These are the varieties of purple/black/brown open-pollinated (non-hybrid)
 tomato plants (some of which may be heirlooms) that we are offering.
All tomato plants are $1.50 each.
See Order Form page for shipping prices.

Black Cherry, 65 days, indeterminate, cherry    New!
Beautiful black cherries, look like large, dusky purple grapes; they have that rich flavor that makes black tomatoes famous. Market growers report that this variety is an incredible seller; large vines yield very well. Very unique and delicious.
Black from Tula, 80-85 days, indeterminate, 3"-4", slicer
A unique, large dark tomato; a rich, deep purple-brown color. Some seed savers say it is the best-tasting of all the dark tomatoes. Very rich, old-fashioned flavor, sweet and spicy. A rare Russian heirloom.
Brown Cherry, paste     New!
This tomato is not exactly brown, and not a cherry type, but more similar to a plum type. The person from whom we got the seeds is not sure how it got the name. It's the brownish/greenish color similar to Debarao Black. Thick dry walls; makes a good, rich looking sauce.
Cherokee Chocolate, 80 days, indeterminate, 10-16 oz., slicer     New!
Rich brown tomatoes with good flavor. A mutation of Cherokee Purple, with the color now stabilized.
Cherokee Purple, 80-82 days, indeterminate, 10-12 oz., slicer
An old Cherokee Indian heirloom, pre-1890 variety. Beautiful, deep dusky purple-pink color, superb sweet flavor, and very large-sized fruit. Try this one for real old-time flavor. My favorite dark tomato!
Debarao Black,.78 days, indeterminate, 3 oz., sauce/paste     New!
An old variety from Europe. Heavy producer of oval, deep red/brown fruit with green shoulders. They have a wonderful, sweet complex flavor. Good for cooking; the color makes your sauce look extra rich.
Purple Calabash, 90 days, indeterminate, 3", slicer
May be the most purple of all purple tomatoes, a deep purple-burgundy and very colorful! The shape is also exciting, with the fruit being very flat, ribbed, and ruffled. Flavor is intense, sweet and tart, with a lime or citrus taste, almost winy. A very uniquely-flavored tomato! The plants give huge yields. This tomato resembles tomatoes pictured in 16th-century herbal diaries.

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