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Abundant Acres Growers


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We will post our remaining plants.
We are now accepting orders for tomato, pepper, tomatillo, and eggplant plants. Please allow up to eight weeks for shipment. If you need your plants sooner than that, contact us about availability before sending your payment.
If ordering by mail, allow one week
for us to receive your order.
Tomato, pepper, tomatillo, and eggplant plants are $1.50 per plant.  
There is no minimum order required. You may order as many or as few of each variety as you want. To get the best deal for your shipping dollar, your total number of plants ordered would be a multiple of 6.
Shipping charges:
     1 -  6 plants     $6.00
     7 -12 plants   $12.00
    13-18 plants   $18.00
    19-24 plants   $24.00
    25-30 plants   $30.00
       each additional 6 plants (or part thereof) $6.00
We are accepting orders by phone, mail (allow one week for us to receive it), or e-mail. We are closed on Saturday and do not answer the phone or respond to e-mail messages between 6:00 p.m. Friday and 7:00 p.m. Saturday. We are a small family-operated business, so we are not always available to take your phone call. Response time for e-mail messages generally ranges from a few minutes to 24 hours, except on Saturday. During our very busiest time of the year it could take longer, but we try very hard to respond within 24 hours.
We cannot ship to PO Boxes or APO/FPO addresses, AK, AZ, CA, HI, OR, WA, or WY (subject to change), or outside the United States.
We accept payment in U.S. funds with check, money order, or PayPal.  If you choose to pay by PayPal, e-mail us to make sure that what you are ordering is still available before sending your payment (pay by PayPal no sooner than 2 weeks before the estimated shipping date that we give you) to
To order by mail, write your order on a piece of paper, or print out the order form found below and write in your order. Mail it with your check or money order, unless payment has been made by PayPal,  to the address on the order form. Allow one week for us to receive your order.
You may order by mail and pay in U.S. funds with check, money order, or PayPal. If you want to pay by PayPal and mail your SEED order (when available), we need to receive your payment by the time we receive your order. (IMPORTANT: For PLANTS, pay by PayPal only when the estimated shipping date that we give you is no more than two weeks from date of payment.)
If you order SEEDS (when available) by e-mail or phone, please pay in U.S. funds with PayPal immediately or mail your payment. However, payment must be received before orders will be shipped. (IMPORTANT: For PLANTS, pay by PayPal only when the estimated shipping date that we give you is no more than two weeks from date of payment.)

If you have additional instructions, such as a desired specific shipping date, please be sure to include them as well.

Order early for best selection!

Order Form

Highlight this order form and print it out. Write your order on it
and mail it to us.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 
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Print and Mail To: 

Abundant Acres Growers

P.O. Box 384

Mansfield, MO 65704 

          Abundant Acres Growers * P.O. Box 384 * Mansfield, MO 65704 * USA
          Phone: 417-741-7913                         E-Mail: