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Hybrid Tomatoes

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We will post our remaining plants.
We are now accepting orders for tomato, pepper, tomatillo, and eggplant plants. Please allow up to eight weeks for shipment. If you need your plants sooner than that, contact us about availability before sending your payment.
These are the varieties of hybrid tomato plants that we are offering.
All tomato plants are $1.50 each.
See Order Form page for shipping prices.
Beefmaster (VFN), 80 days, indeterminate, 1 lb.+, slicer     New!
These meaty, nearly seedless tomatoes are so big that you only need one slice on your sandwich.
Beefy Boy, 70-72 days, indeterminate, 12-16 oz., slicer
Deep red skin and smooth shoulders. Disease resistant.
Better Boy (VFN), 70-75 days, indeterminate, to 1 lb., slicer/all-purpose
High yields, disease resistance, and fantastic flavor. Deep-red, smooth, firm fruits throughout the season.
Big Beef, 73 days, indeterminate, 8-12 oz., slicer
Extra-large, delicious, meaty red fruits. Will continue to produce firm, meaty fruits all season long. Multiple disease tolerance.
Burpee's Big Boy, 78 days, indeterminate,  10 oz.-1 lb.+, slicer/canning 
Large scarlet fruits. Thick, solid, bright-red flesh. with mouth-watering flavor. Excellent fresh or canned. Vines produce all summer long.
Burpee's Burger, 72 days, indeterminate, 14-18 oz., slicer
A smooth skinned beefsteak that is excellent for slicing. Abundant yield of meaty, delicious fruits.
Burpee's Supersteak (VFN), 80 days, indeterminate, 1-2 lbs., slicer
Beefsteak flavor and smooth, meaty texture. Productive plants produce fruits averaging 1-2 pounds each.
Bush Big Boy, 72 days, determinate, 10-11 oz., slicer
Vigorous, disease resistant plants produce a heavy crop of big, bright red, globe-shaped fruits with exceptional flavor. Easy to grow and ideal for short stakes, cages, and tubs. 
Celebrity, 70 days, determinate, 7-8 oz., slicer
Dependable yields of very flavorful, medium-sized to large, firm red fruit. Exceptional disease resistance.
Early Girl, 59 days, indeterminate, 4-6 oz., slicer/canning
Very early, red salad tomato. Abundance of fruit. Consistently does well in taste tests.
Early Girl (potato leaf)     New!
A few of my Early Girl plants were potato-leaf type plants, so I saved seeds from the tomatoes that they produced. These plants are grown from those seeds. I expect at least some of them to be potato-leaf type again, so please specify if that is the kind that you would like.
Early Harvest, determinate, 8 oz., slicer
Delicious fruits are borne on compact plants. Great flavor and aroma. Bred specifically for cool, short season areas.
First Lady (VFNT), 66 days, indeterminate, 4-5 oz., slicer
The medium, flattened, globe-shaped fruits are smooth and firm with meaty flesh and are produced very early in the season. Attractive color inside and out. A reputable heavy yielder.
First Lady II, 85 days, indeterminate, 3"-4" , slicer 
Plants bear a bounty of  mid-summer tomatoes that have a flavor and texture to match the best. Soft and juicy, yet very crack resistant. Well adapted to trellis culture and greenhouse production.
Fourth of July, 49 days, indeterminate, 4 oz., slicer
The first tomato to ripen by Independence Day!  Flavorful fruits that bear early and continuously all summer long. This is my favorite early hybrid tomato. (NOTE: To have ripe tomatoes by the fourth of July, we must receive your order by February 18.
Gurney's Burgermaster (VFFNT), 72 days, determinate, 9-11 oz., slicer     New!
A heavy set of large, smooth, flavorful tomatoes.
Gurney's Early Beef (VFFNT), 66 days, indeterminate, slicer     New!
This large, meaty tomato has superior flavor and is disease resistant.
Heatwave II, 68 days, determinate, 6-7 oz., slicer
Great-tasting tomatoes grow in the most intense summer heat, even at 100F. Round fruits. Extremely disease resistant.
Improved Gurney Girl (VFNT), 72 days indeterminate, 7-8 oz., slicer     New!
An all-time favorite with good taste and huge yields.
Jelly Bean, 70 days, indeterminate, - oz.
Sweet grape-type tomato that grows in clusters of 15 to 30 fruits. Red oblong tomatoes are crack resistant. Fantastic flavor!
Juliet, 60 days, indeterminate, 1 oz., cherry     New!
Elongated fruits have glossy red, crack-resistant skins. Sweet and very juicy; ideal for using in salads.
Lemon Boy (VFN), 72 days, indeterminate, 8-12 oz., salads/lunchbox
Yellow good-sized tomato. 
Sun Gold, 65 days, indeterminate, 1", cherry
Clusters of beautiful golden-orange cherry tomatoes with sweet/tart flavor.
Super Sweet 100, 65-70 days, indeterminate, 1", cherry
A unique cherry tomato that produces very high yields of fruit that is unusually sweet and flavorful. Excellent for salads or eaten alone.
Sweet Baby Girl, 65 days, determinate, 1/2 oz., cherry     New!
Incredible fruit set of what has been called the "sweetest, best-tasting red cherry tomato."
Tumbler, 45 days, determinate, 1"-2", cherry
Lots of big cherry tomatoes tumbling from sprawling vines, produced very early in the season--perfect for small space gardening in pots, baskets and planters.
Viva Italia, 76 days, determinate, 3 oz., canning/freezing/paste 
An improved Roma type tomato that sets well in hot weather. Highly disease resistant.

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