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These are the varieties of hybrid tomatoes that we expect to offer in 2004.
This year we offered 100 varieties of tomato plants.
Beefy Boy | Better Boy | Big Beef | Burpee's Big Boy | Burpee's Burger  Burpee's Supersteak | Bush Big Boy | Celebrity | Early Girl | Early Harvest  First Lady | First Lady II | Fourth of July | Heatwave II | Lemon Boy               Sun Gold | Super Sweet 100 | Sweet Million | Tumbler | Viva Italia

Beefy Boy--Indeterminate, 70-72 days. 12- to 16-oz. fruits with deep red skin and smooth shoulders.
Better Boy (VFN)--Indeterminate, 75 days. High yields, disease resistance, and fantastic flavor. Deep-red, smooth, firm fruits up to 1 lb. throughout the season.
Big Beef--Indeterminate, 73 days. Early, extra-large, delicious meaty red fruits, weighing 8 to 12 ounces. Will continue to produce firm, meaty fruits all season long. Multiple disease tolerance.
Burpee's Big Boy--Indeterminate, 78 days. Large scarlet fruits average 10 ounces with many reaching 1 pound or more. Thick, solid, bright-red flesh. with mouth-watering flavor. Excellent fresh or canned. Vines produce all summer long.
Burpee's Burger--Indeterminate, 72 days. A smooth skinned beefsteak that is excellent for slicing. Early and abundant yield of meaty, delicious fruits weighing 14-18 ounces.
Burpee's Supersteak--Indeterminate, 80 days.  Beefsteak flavor and smooth, meaty texture. Productive plants produce fruits averaging 1-2 pounds each.
Bush Big Boy--Determinate, 72 days. Vigorous plants produce a heavy crop of big, 10-11 oz. bright red, globe-shaped fruits with exceptional flavor. Easy to grow and ideal for short stakes, cages, and tubs. 
Celebrity--Determinate, 70 days. Dependable yields of very flavorful, medium-sized to large, firm red fruit. Exceptional disease resistance.
Early Girl VFF--Indeterminate, 59 days. Very early, red salad tomato. Abundance of 4- to 6-oz. fruit. Consistently does well in taste tests.
Early Harvest--Determinate. Delicious, 8 oz. fruits are born on compact plants. Great flavor and aroma. Bred specifically for cool, short season areas.

First Lady VFNT--Indeterminate, 66 days. The medium, flattened, globe-shaped fruits are smooth and firm with meaty flesh and are produced very early in the season. Attractive color inside and out. A reputable heavy yielder.
First Lady II--Indeterminate, 85 days. Plants bear a bounty of 3-4 1/2-inch mid-summer tomatoes that have a flavor and texture to match the best. Soft and juicy, yet very crack resistant. Well adapted to trellis culture and greenhouse production.
Fourth of July--Indeterminate, 49 days. The first tomato to ripen by Independence Day!  Flavorful 4-oz. fruits that bear early and continuously all summer long.
Heatwave II--Determinate, 68 days. Great-tasting tomatoes grow in the most intense summer heat, even at 100F. Round, 6- to 7-oz. fruits. Extremely disease resistant.
Jelly Bean--Indeterminate, 70 days. Sweet grape-type tomato that grows in clusters of 15 to 30 fruits. Red oblong tomatoes are crack resistant. Fantastic flavor!
Lemon Boy VFN--Indeterminate, 72 days. Yellow good-sized tomato.
Sun Gold--Indeterminate, 65 days. Clusters of beautiful golden-orange cherry tomatoes with sweet/tart flavor.
Super Sweet 100--Indeterminate, 65-70 days. A unique cherry tomato that produces very high yields of 1-inch diameter fruit that is unusually sweet and flavorful. Excellent for salads or eaten alone.
Sweet Million--Indeterminate, 60 days.  An improved Sweet 100 type cherry tomato. Equally prolific and sweet, but with less cracking.
Tumbler--Determinate, 45 days. Lots of big cherry tomatoes tumbling from sprawling vines, produced very early in the season - perfect for small space gardening in pots, baskets and planters.
Viva Italia VFFNA--Determinate, 76 days. An improved Roma type tomato that sets well in hot weather. Highly disease resistant (VFN).

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