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These are some of the varieties of eggplant plants
 that we expect to offer in 2004.

Long fruit with beautiful streaks of neon lilac-purple, truly beautiful and of excellent quality. Very tasty, good yields. Striped eggplants have been written about for around 150 years.
An early, light green eggplant; good yield, very tender and delicious; smooth oval-round fruit growing on small plants. We highly recommend this fine variety! Developed by the late Prof. Elwyn Meader, UNH 1964.
Black Beauty
90+ days. Standard old type, large black fruit of excellent quality, is very tasty but is lower yielding and much later than many types and needs a long season.
Black Egg
70 days. A fine Japanese variety that yields 6" black egg-shaped fruit and is superbly tender and mild, it also sets fruit early making it great for short seasons.
Brazilian Oval Orange
Very tall erect plants with dark green foliage which provides good cover. Small oval fruits are shiny bright green, ripen through orange to bright red at full maturity. Delicious in antipastas, grilled or fried. Very ornamental.
75 days. Medium size, very attractive, smooth ivory-white fruit, that have a very mild mushroom-like flavor. Prolific plant. Fruit ripens early. An excellent variety for specialty growers and gardeners. 
70 days. Mild, dark purple 6”-9" x 2”-3" slender fruit, superb flavor and firm flesh. Becoming popular with market growers and home gardeners. This variety from the Ukraine was collected by Seed Savers Exchange in 1993. 
Florida Market
85 days. Very large plant, large purple bell shaped fruit. An old standard market variety, and an excellent type for the south. 
Japanese White Egg
Full rich flavor, lovely 2"-3" white fruit are perfect for stir-frying. The plants give heavy yields all season.  
Long Purple
70-80 days. This old variety dates back to the 1850’s in America. Plants give good yields of 9" long club-shaped fruit, mild and firm fleshed. Plants are very hardy and yield well in the north.
Louisiana Long Green
100 days. Large 8" long, light green banana-shaped fruit that have pale stripes, sweet and mild. Excellent quality, prolific yields. A rare heirloom from Louisiana. 
Pandora Striped Rose
A great market variety, teardrop-shaped fruit are a lovely lilac-rose color with thin white stripes. Strong, thornless plants give heavy yields; tender and delicious. A real eye catcher.  
Ping Tung 
65 days. A wonderful eggplant from Ping Tung, Taiwan. Fruits are purple and up to 18" long and 2" in diameter. This variety is so sweet and tender, superbly delicious! One of the best Chinese eggplants on the market.
Huge, teardrop-shaped fruit, some have deep ribbing, firm, thick flesh, of good quality. Tall, strong plant. Very rare.
Rosa Bianca
80 days. Colorful, light pink-lavender fruit with white shading. Rich, mild flesh is very popular with chefs and gardeners alike! No bitterness. A great variety for heirloom market growers. Use the color that sells!
Medium size, oblong fruit are a brilliant violet color, fairly early. Flavor is mild and sweet. A show stopper at farmers’ and specialty markets. From Puerto Rico.
Rotonda Bianca Sfumata di Rosa
This beautiful round white eggplant is shaded with rose-pink color. The lovely fruit grow to large sizes, making this one of the most striking types we sell! Excellent for market growers, this Italian heirloom is mild and delicious.
Round Mauve
Round fruit are a lovely, deep mauve color, purple calyx. Plants are compact and have purple stems. They start producing very early with incredibly productive yields. A very good specialty variety.
Thai Dark Round Green
Very nice 2 “ dark green fruits, striped with white, excellent stir-fried. Large yields on good size bushy plants. Very extensively used in Thai cuisine, a choice variety, popular in Oriental markets, easy to grow.
Thai Green Pea
The tiny fruit look just like green peas. These delicious eggplants have a wonderful, strong, rich taste, perfect for stir-frying, soups and curries. The tall plants yield loads of fruit. An exciting heirloom of exotic old Siam, will be a hit with high class markets and Asian shops. Late maturity.
Thai Light Round Green
Same as above except these are a nice light green with stripes, in markets every where in Thailand. Delicious.
Thai Long Green (Green Elephant Tusk)
80 days. Very mild and sweet, the 10”-12" long, very slender fruit, are a beautiful light-lime green. One of the best tasting eggplants, superb flavor and very tender, good yields on 2’-3' tall plants. This heirloom from Thailand is becoming popular with gourmet chefs.
Thai Long Purple
Long, thin fruit are dark purple in color. They are very mild and sweet, uniform and perfect to grow in a hot, humid climate.
Thai Round Purple
Large, bright purple fruit are round to slightly oblong. Less used in Thailand than the green-fruited varieties; good for baking or frying.
Thai White Ribbed
The most unique looking of the Thai eggplants - these are pure white, flat and have deep ribs, tasty flesh.
Thai Yellow Egg
Famous in Thailand, the egg-sized fruit are picked when they are bright golden-yellow. They are used in many Thai dishes and as a garnish. A unique variety for specialty growers.
A rare colorful eggplant from India. Egg-shaped fruit are light green, streaked in purple. Used in chutneys & curries, from a Tamil village.

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