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Amarillo Oro
Beautiful, golden-yellow, oblong fruit grow to 15 lbs. and have sweet, creamy white flesh. A pre-1870 European heirloom winter type. Good shipper.
Sweet and juicy white flesh. A rare white muskmelon; fruit are around 5 lbs. An old 1800's heirloom.
Ananas d'Amerique a Chair Rouge
This historic heirloom dates to the early 1800's. It was illustrated in France in 1885 by Vilmorin. This wonderful variety has become very rare; the fruit have netted skin and bright orange flesh that is firm, sweet, and highly perfumed. Productive plants can be trained up a trellis.
Ananas d'Amerique a Chair Verte (Green-Fleshed Pineapple)
This historic heirloom was grown by Thomas Jefferson in 1794. It was offered commercially in the USA in 1824, and it was illustrated in color in France in 1854 in the Vilmorin album. This wonderful variety has become very rare. The fruit have netted skin and light-green flesh that is firm, sweet, and highly perfumed. Very productive plants can be trained up a trellis.
Anne Arundel
This pre-1800 Maryland heirloom has flavorful, green flesh with a tinge of orange in the middle. This melon was grown by farmers in Anne Arundel County but nearly vanished in the last 100 years. This melon is seen painted in many of the paintings of the famous Peale family. William W. Weaver rediscovered this wonderful variety in 1992.
Long banana-shaped fruit; smooth, yellow skin; and sweet, spicy, salmon flesh. 16-24" long; 5-8 lb. It was listed in 1885 by J. H. Gregory's Catalogue, which said "When ripe it reminds one of a large, overgrown banana... It smells like one, having a remarkably powerful and delicious fragrance."
Boule d'Or (Golden Perfection)
Very sweet pale green flesh is just marvelous. The round fruit are yellow and are loosely netted. It was listed in Vilmorin's book, The Vegetable Garden, in 1885. Very rare now.
Burrell's Jumbo
Very delicious old variety from the D. V. Burrell Seed Co. An improved selection of Hale's Best, these have salmon orange flesh that is very sweet. Perfect for home or market.
Casaba--Golden Beauty
A quality Casaba type. In 1927 Burrell's said it was the finest of Casabas. Very sweet, white flesh; tough golden rind; a good keeper. Can be stored well into the winter!
Cavaillon Espagnol
Large, oblong, heavily-netted fruits; green flesh with salmon center. A very rare and old melon, it was listed in 1893 in Haage & Schmidt's catalog in Erfurt, Germany, and also listed by the Vilmorin's of France earlier in the 1800's. A rare find!
A famous superb heirloom French melon; super sweet and very fragrant. Light grey-green skin; smooth, round, 2-3 lb. fruit; bright orange flesh. These are top sellers at high dollar markets.
Collective Farm Woman
This heirloom from the Ukraine was collected in 1993 by Seed Savers Exchange; very popular on island of Krim in the Black Sea. Melons ripen to a yellowish-gold, and the white flesh has a very high sugar content. A favorite among heirloom gardeners and growers alike. Ripens early, even in Russia.
Large melons with wonderful, sweet flavor! Grows best in warm, dry climates. Fruit are oval-shaped and green-yellow with salmon pink flesh. Good yields of delicious melons.
Crenshaw Blanco
An improved Crenshaw variety. Oval fruit are about 5 lbs. each and have a creamy white rind when ripe. Flesh is salmon pink, extra sweet, and of a very fine flavor. Great for specialty markets and shipping.

Another colorful ancient French cantaloupe (possibly from Africa). It is definitely one of the oldest. Ribbed fruit are dark green (almost black) with silver splashes. As they get ripe they turn yellow with nearly red splashes. The flesh is highly perfumed and very smooth and creamy. Compact vines.

Delicious 51
4-5 lbs.; round-oval muskmelon; salmon-orange, sweet flesh. A popular home garden variety; early.
Edens Gem (Rocky Ford)
An old heirloom variety from 1881. This old-timer is still a popular green-flesh muskmelon, with a heavily netted rind and smooth, sweet-flavored flesh; fruits weigh 2-3 lbs; a good keeper; has firm flesh. From Colorado.
Deep salmon flesh, fine flavor, and hard rind; 4-5 lbs. Excellent for hot, humid conditions. Great for home gardens or market.
Emerald Gem
An heirloom introduced by Burpee's in 1886. Was very popular for years but now it has become rare. The fruit have green rinds and luscious, sweet, orange flesh. 2 1/2 lbs. each.
Ginger Pride
The largest non-hybrid melon we carry. Huge, oblong fruit average 14-18 lbs. Known to get up to 22 lbs.! The skin is green, turning a beautiful, yellow-orange as the fruit ripens. The flesh is very sweet and of superior quality. The vines set on heavy yields of mammoth melons. This melon is a wonderful celebration of summer, perfect for any hot August day. This variety is also good for farmers markets. A melon that will give you pride!
Golden Honeymoon
A honeydew melon with a brilliant gold rind and delicious green flesh; unique flavor. Two weeks earlier than regular honeydew; excellent yields. Will rarely sunburn; great keeper; unique and rare.
Green Nutmeg
Fearing Burr said in 1863, "The Nutmeg Melon has long been in cultivation and is almost everywhere to be found in the vegetable garden... It is of most delicious of the best." It is a medium-sized green-fleshed melon that has a heavily-netted skin, rich, sweet, delicious flesh, and heavy aroma.
Hale's Best
A popular heirloom developed around 1920 by a Japanese market grower in California. Sweet, smooth, orange flesh. A good-flavored muskmelon.
Hearts of Gold (Hoodoo)
An orange-fleshed muskmelon dating back to around 1890. Quality 2-3 lb. netted fruit with firm, sweet, tasty flesh. One of the first "modern type" melons. Was once very popular.
Hollybrook Luscious
Oblong, 8-10 lb. melons have a dark green, deeply-ribbed rind and sweet, orange flesh that melts in your mouth. This great heirloom was introduced by T. W. Woods and Sons of Richmond, Virginia. Rare!
Honeydew--Tam Dew
Beautiful, ivory-green fruits; deep green. Very sweet flesh with classic honeydew flavor! A superb variety.
Honeydew--Orange Flesh
Light green, smooth skin; orange flesh. An orange-fleshed version of the regular honeydew; tasty.
Honey Rock
An early heirloom melon, 3-4 lbs. Thick, sweet, firm, deep-salmon flesh. Good yields of quality fruit. An AAS winner for 1933. Good size for an early melon.
Large, 5-7 lb. fruit; thick, deep-orange flesh of good quality. This melon is very good for the Midwest and Northeast. Developed by Dr. Munger/Cornell, 1944.
Israel (Ogen)
An excellent-tasting melon from Israel. Flavorful green flesh; good yields. A beautiful and early!
Jenny Lind
This fine melon dates back to the 1840's; sold by many seed companies in the 1800's. It was named after the famous singer Jenny Lind, "the Swedish nightingale." This wonderful 1-2 lb. turban-shaped melon is very sweet and has light green, delicious flesh. It is becoming popular again with those who try it!

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