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All squash and pumpkin plants are $1.25 each.
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In hills that are 6 feet apart, plant 3 plants in each hill.

Big Max, 110 days
Huge pumpkins can grow well over 100 lbs.! Nearly round, bright orange fruit are stunning and are good for pies and canning. Very thick, orange flesh. Good for county fairs and displays.
Black Futsu
The rare, black, Japanese squash. The fruit is flattened, round, and has heavy ribbing. Very unique and beautiful, the black fruit will turn a rich chestnut color as the fruit stores. Flesh is golden color and has the rich taste of hazelnuts. Fruits are 3-8 lbs. each and vines give huge yields. Popular with European market growers.
Blue Banana
The blue-fruited banana squash are quite beautiful, being lovely, solid slate-blue. Was developed about 100 years ago by Aggeler & Musser Seed, in Los Angeles, CA. The flesh is dry and sweet. A one-time popular variety of the old West.
Bush Baby
Beautiful, small, blue, Jaradale-type squash, with no ribbing. An excellent variety from Australia with delicious flesh.
Buttercup, 95 days
Very sweet, dry flesh of excellent quality. Deep orange flesh and green skin. Fruit are around 3 lbs. each.
Butternut--Waltham, 100 days
An old favorite; good yields and excellent tasting. Rich orange-colored flesh. Great baked!
Calabaza Mercado Verde
The 2-lb. fruits are round and green, and the rind has stripes. They can be used for baking or can be picked young for tasty summer squash.
Calabaza Segualca
The popular Calabaza of Mexico, the fruit comes in many shapes--oblongs, flats, crooknecks, and more. The Mexicans grow these for their delicious, sweet meat that is deep orange in color. The skin is tan. Grows well in the heat.
Candy Roaster
Large, teardrop-shaped fruit are bumpy and have beautiful, sea-green skin. The flesh is orange and very tasty. This wonderful old-timer is almost extinct.
Chicago Warted Hubbard
This heirloom was developed by Budlong Gardens of Chicago and was introduced by Vaughans Seed Store of Chicago in 1894. The 13-lb. fruit are dusky olive-green, deeply wrinkled and warted, classic hubbard shape. Fine-grained, sweet orange flesh.
Chinese Miniature--White
Tiny 3"-4" flat, white pumpkins are about the same size and shape as "Baby Boo." Great for fall decorations and are also edible. A great squash for farm markets; easy to grow and high yields. From China.
Connecticut Field, 100 days
The heirloom pumpkin of the New England settlers and Indians, several hundred years old. Golden fruit weigh about 20 lbs. each. Can be used for pies; the traditional American pumpkin.
Crown Pumpkin
A stunning squash from South Africa. Large, blue, Buttercup-type fruit with a small ring on the bottom; tasty golden flesh.
Cushaw White--Jonathan Pumpkin, 100 days
A rare Cushaw type; white skin and sweet pale orange flesh. Easy to grow; huge yields and good resistance to squash bugs. A popular heirloom from the South.
Delicata, 100 days
High sugar content; each fruit is 1-3 lbs. and skin color is rust-white with green stripes. Delicate sweet flavor. This old heirloom was introduced in 1894 by Peter Henderson and Co.
Dickinson, 100 days
Nearly round to slightly elongated fruit can weigh up to 40 lbs. Tan-colored skin. Vines grow very long and are productive! The dry flesh is orange, sweet, and of high quality. For good eating, this is it!
Georgia Roaster
Much like the Banana squash, but these get even bigger, up to 60 lbs.! The long, cylindrical fruit has thin, pink skin and delicious, orange flesh. Perfect for baking and pies. This heirloom is productive, and it keeps well! These are very rare.
Golden Delicious, 100 days
Living up to the name, these squash are delicious! Fruit are teardrop-shaped and weigh 7-9 lbs. The rind is brilliant red-orange. Flesh is very smooth, tasty, and orange. This variety was introduced by Gill Bros. seed Co. or Portland, OR, in 1926.
Hubbard True Green Improved, 105 days
The original Green Hubbard was introduced around the 1790's, and it has dark bronze-green skin and delicious, golden flesh. The fruit are 10-15 lbs. each and are excellent keepers. J.H. Gregory's Company made this squash famous back in the 1840's.
Jaradale, 100 days
Slate, blue-grey, 6-10 lb. pumpkins of superb quality. Their shape is flat and ribbed and very decorative-looking. Also a good keeper. Popular in Australia; an excellent variety.
Jaune Gros de Paris
The beautiful giant pumpkin of historic Paris, the big yellow fruit can grow to over 100 lbs. They are round, flattened, and have light ribbing. They are good keepers and are still popular in France. Good in pies, soups, and baked. A winner!
Jumbo Pink Banana
Large, pink, banana-shaped fruit can weigh 10-40 lbs. This variety is about 100 years old. Fine-flavored, dry, sweet, orange flesh. Popular on the West coast. Large yields.
King of Mammoth--Mammoth Chile
     110 days
An heirloom pumpkin dating back to pre-1824. This huge pumpkin was recorded at growing over 250 lbs.; they commonly grow 40-100 lbs. Skin mottled pinkish-orange on yellow. Good for pies, huge yields. Rare.
Long of Naples
Large, oblong, butternut-shaped fruit can weigh 20-30 lbs. The flesh is bright orange. Flavor is superb, rich, and very sweet. The skin is deep green, turning tan in storage. These are attractive squash and great for areas with warm, long seasons. A good heirloom for home or market growers. A beautiful, very old, Italian heirloom which was listed in America by Fearing Burr in 1863; very rare in the USA.

Long Island Cheese
A favorite, longtime Long Island, very popular for pies. Flat, lightly ribbed fruit look like a wheel of cheese, with buff-colored skin. A very good keeper, of excellent quality. 6-10 lbs. each. A beautiful heirloom variety.
Marina di Chioggia
The heirloom Sea pumpkin of Chioggia, on the coast of Italy. The large, turban-shaped fruit are deep blue-green. It is one of the most beautiful and unique of all squash. A perfect variety for market gardeners. The rich, sweet flesh is a deep yellow-orange and of good quality; delicious baked or in pies. The fruit weigh about 10 lbs. each and are produced on vigorous vines. Stunning! The pure Italian seed for these plants came from one of Italy's best heirloom growers.
Melonnetter de Vendee
Tasty, almost round to oval, ribbed yellow-orange fruit. Wonderfully sweet, orange flesh, among the sweetest of the pepo species. Great baked or in pies. It is a very good keeper. Fruit weigh 2-4 lbs. French origin. Rare!

Mexican Xtop
A unique round/bowl-shaped Cushaw-type squash from Mexico. The fruit are white with green stripes. The flesh is yellow and mild-flavored.
New England Sugar Pie
The noted small sugar pumpkin of New England, the orange fruit weigh 4-5 lbs. and have fine, sweet flesh that is superb for pies. Described by Fearing Burr in 1863.
Old-Fashioned Tennessee Vining
The large, oval fruits weigh 12-30 lbs and have tan skin and deep orange flesh that makes tasty pie. Good resistance to vine borers. An heirloom from Tennessee.
Orange Cushaw
Large, beautiful fruit with crooked necks, light golden-orange color. The large vines are vigorous and are good for the South. Great for fall pumpkin sales.
Quaker Pie Pumpkin
Introduced in 1888 by W. Atlee Burpee from seed they got from a Quaker family. Weighing 6-8 lb., they have light tan-orange flesh of excellent quality, much like Butternut. The vines do very well here in the Ozarks.
Queensland Blue
Popular in Australia, this heirloom was introduced to the U.S. in 1932. Beautiful, blue, turban-shaped, 10-20-lb. fruit; deeply ribbed. Very fine, deep golden flesh that is sweet and fine-flavored. A good keeper.
Red Kuri--Hokkaido, 92 days
A red-orange Japanese winter squash; fruit are 5-10 lbs. each and teardrop-shaped. The golden flesh is smooth, dry, sweet, and rich; a great yielding and keeping variety.
Red Warty Thing
An incredible new version of the Essex Turban, the round fruit are brilliant red and are completely covered with bumps. Stunning to look at and a must for fall decorations. Tasty flesh. A great market variety with color to make it a quick seller.
Rouge Vif d'Etampes, 95 days
The most beautiful flattened and ribbed large fruit are a gorgeous deep red-orange. A very old French heirloom which was the most common pumpkin in the Central Market in Paris back in the 1880's. The flesh is tasty in pies or baked! This one can also be picked small like summer squash and fried. It is very tasty! It is a good yielder too! Excellent!
Seminole Pumpkin
The wild squash of the Everglades. The round, lightly-ribbed 3-lb. squash have tan skin. The sweet flesh is deep orange, dry, and of good quality. The productive vines are resistant to insects and disease. Found growing wild in Florida by the early settlers, it can now be found only in remote parts of the Everglades.
Sucrine du Berry
Old, traditional, heirloom variety from the center of France. It has a sweet, musky fragrance and delicious, sweet flesh that is used in jams, soups, and in many French recipes. Small 2-lb. fruit are a perfect size to bake. Oblong, bell-shaped fruit are green-tan in color.
Sugar Loaf Delicata
A wonderful tan and green Delicata. The flesh is superbly sweet and medium dry. A wonderful squash to store for winter. A fine home and market variety.
Sweet Dumpling
One of the sweetest of all! The small, flattened, ribbed, 1-lb. fruit has a white skin with green stripes. The sweet, tender, orange flesh makes this variety the favorite of many.
Sweet Meat, 95 days
A delicious heirloom from Oregon; excellent-flavored, deep-orange flesh; very sweet. Fruit are large and flattened in shape (somewhat like a Rouge Vif d'Etampes). Skin color is beautiful deep sea blue-green.
Table Gold Acorn
Beautiful, glowing gold, acorn-shaped fruit are perfect for fall displays. Nutty-flavored, yellow flesh; compact bush plants produce 1-lb. fruit.
Table Queen, 80 days
Dark green Acorn-type fruit. Iowa Seed Co. introduced this variety in 1913. Of possible Native American origin, the small fruits have sweet, orange flesh.
Tequila Black
Beautiful, black bell-shaped fruit weigh around 10 lbs. They have incredibly large stems. Good for pies and pumpkin seeds.
Thai Large Pumpkin
Beautiful, black-colored squash turn tan in storage. The fruit are flattened, ribbed, and have a textured skin; 10 lbs. each. The yellow flesh is thick and sweet, great for soups or baking. The vines are perfect for hot, humid climates and set heavy yields.
Thai Small Pumpkin
The unique tropical squash from "The Land of Smiles," the fruit are smaller, flat, and very ribbed. The rind is green to tan with spots. The flesh is thick and of good quality. Good yields and perfect for hot climates.
Tricolor Cushaw
Large, beautiful fruit with crooked necks. The most colorful of the Cushaws, this one is streaked with white, green, and orange. Striking color. Great for specialty markets.
Turks Cap, 90 days
A beautiful squash, striped in red, orange, green, and white. A very old variety from France pre-1820; fine thick, orange flesh; good-sized fruit. Unique.
Vegetable Spaghetti, 88 days
This is the popular squash with stringy flesh that is used like spaghetti. Introduced by Sakata Seed Co., Japan, in 1934. May have come from China.
Introduced to America about 1860 by James Hogg, of Yorkville, New York City, from seeds his brother Thomas Hogg sent him from Japan. The beautiful fruit are very flat, ribbed, and dark green to tan in color; the orange flesh is dry, fine-grained, and sweet. Listed by both Burr 1863 and Vilmorin 1885. VERY RARE!
Young's Beauty, 105 days
Classic 10-12 lb., globe-shaped pumpkins. TThe perfect standard pumpkin for market growers; uniform fruit, perfect orange color, and great yields. Hard skins make it good for shipping. Thick flesh is also good for pies.
Yugoslavian Finger Fruit
A most unique and unusual squash! Large, fluted, acorn-type fruits have 10 finger-like ribs that make points at the end of each squash. Cream-colored. An excellent ornamental squash for market. A tasty winter type; also good picked young and used as summer squash. Very rare.
Zapallo Plomo
The beautiful, light turquoise-blue squash with deep ribs and attractive netting; delicious, dry flesh. This heirloom is a true and stunning treaure of the Southwest that has inspired many designs in pueblo art.
Zucchino Rampicante
The famous Italian heirloom vining zucchini and pumpkin. Long, slender, 15" fruit have a flat bulb at the bottom. They are one of the best eating summer squash, very tender, mild, and sweet-tasting. The flavor is superb! This squash is also great as winter squash. The Italians use it for stuffing in gnocchi and ravioli. The flesh is rich and flavorful, great for baking and pies! The vines produce good yields of this great all-purpose squash. The mature fruit grow very long.

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