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           These are some of the varieties of melon plants
             that we expect to offer in 2004.

A very rare heirloom from Kansas. The vines are vigorous, and the yield is great. Oval-shaped, ridged, and netted fruit. The flesh is orange and has exceptional flavor; very delicious! A very dependable variety; fruit weigh around 4 lbs. One of our most endangered varieties and also one of the best. Perfect for farmers' markets.
Kin Makuwa
This rare heirloom has been grown for centuries in northern Japan. The small fruit is beautiful, but the flesh is bland, so it is likely one of the pickling melons which are so popular in Japan.
Mango Melon or Vine Peach
The 3" fruit are the size of a peach, with a yellow rind and bland white flesh. This variety was very popular in Victorian times for making sweet pickles, pies, and preserves. Documented in this country in the 1850's.
Metki Dark Green Serpent Melon (Armenian)
An ancient heirloom, introduced from Armenia into Italy as far back as the 1400's. It is a melon but is used like a cucumber. Picked small (18" or less) it is very mild and tasty, but the fruits can grow to over 3' long! Easy to grow and good yields. It should be planted in more gardens.
Metki Painted Serpent Melon
Very long fruit with dark green and pale green stripes; excellent flavor; a rare Armenian type cuke that is actually a melon. Very unique and a great selling item at farmers' markets everywhere.
Metki White Serpent Melon
The light green Armerian "Cucumber" that is botanically a melon; sweeter and crisper than regular cukes. Pick when under 18" for best taste. Delicious and easy to grow. Try selling all three colors of our Metki Serpents at your specialty market for a real sensation!
Minnesota Midget
Small, early, 4" melons with sweet, flavorful flesh. Large crops on compact 3' vines; good quality; a true midget! A favorite small melon (introduced in 1948).
Netted Gem
One of the most popular melons in the 1890's, it was introduced by W. Atlee Burpee in 1886 and was famous for its high quality and very spicy and sweet flavor. Flesh is bright green; skin is netted. It is round and weighs 2-3 lbs. Rare.
Petit Gris de Rennes
Dense 2 lb. fruit have orange flesh that is superbly sweet, flavorful, and perfumed. This variety is early and well adapted to cool climates. The fruit weigh around 2 lbs. and have a grey-green rind. This fine French variety is of the best quality and is the favorite melon of the French melon expert and author Bruno Defay. Rare in the USA.
Peil de Sapo (Toad Skin)
Oval, 8" long fruit; skin mottled green and yellow, somewhat like a frog's skin. Very sweet, white flesh has a very good taste. One of the earlier maturing winter melons; still rather late. Very rare; from Spain.
Planters Jumbo
Thick, sweet, orange flesh; fruit are over 4 lbs. A good variety for drought or heavy rainfall. popular market melon; makes a good shipper.
Plum Granny or Queen Anne's Pocket
Beautiful, ornamental fruit are yellow with deep orange stripes and only 2-3" long! They are grown for their wonderful fragrance! These melons were very popular in Victorian gardens and are an often requested melon. Bland flavor.

Prescott Fond Blanc
The most unique and beautiful French melon we sell! The fruit is 4-9 lbs., very flattened and ribbed, with warts and bumps. Melons have grey/green skin turning straw color; flesh is salmon-orange. Once one of the best known melons, it was mentioned in the 1860's, but it likely is much older. The flavor is very rich if picked at perfection, and the fragrance is heavenly. Almost unheard of in this country.
Santa Clause
Fruit is 12" long and 6" wide; skin is yellow with dark green blotches. Unique, tasty, sweet flavor, and a great keeper. Must try!
Schoon's Hardshell
Very large fruit have a hard, heavy, and deeply-ribbed rind. A very good shipper or home garden variety. Red-salmon flesh is very flavorful, spicy, and unique. A New York heirloom that is a favorite of melon expert Dr. Amy Goldman.
This very sweet honeydew type is popular with heirloom market growers. Healthy, disease-resistant vines produce 5-lb. fruits. The cream-colored flesh is tasty and aromatic.
Sierra Gold
Well-netted 3-lb. fruit with thick salmon-colored flesh. Sweet and of superb flavor. A good home and market variety. Resistant to powdery mildew.
Small Persian
Rare old-time melon with a sweet, bright-orange flesh and a dark-green rind. Distinctive flavor!
Tendral Verde Tardif
Oblong melons with a dark-green rind and sweet, white flesh. A popular winter melon variety in Europe, but rare here. Very late.
Thai Long Muskmelon
Popular in Thailand, it is a medium-sized melon that is oblong in shape and has a green rind and sweet, orange flesh. Excellent for hot, humid areas and the tropics.
Thai Round Green
Popular in Thailand, a round mid-sized melon with pale green flesh. Excellent for hot, humid areas and the tropics. Rare in the USA.
Very vigorous plants produce good yields of large melons up to 10 lbs. each! They are slightly ribbed and have some netting. The orange flesh has exceptional flavor and is very sweet. This Kansas heirloom is perfect as a market melon, having the perfect size, shape, and flavor to make them popular. Very rare.
Tip Top
Introduced by A. W. Livingston Seed Co. in 1892, this variety was discovered in a field of market melons by a gentleman in Lancaster County, PA, and he sent it to Livingstons. Salmon-orange flesh is sweet and spicy.
Valencia Winter Melon
A rare, old-time melon that was listed by American seedsmen in the 1830's but probably goes back much further. Believed to come from Italy. Can keep 4 months into the winter. Very sweet, cream-colored flesh; dark-green skin. Rare and delicious.
Vert Grimmpant (Green Climbing)
A very old, green-fleshed French melon which can be grown on a trellis because the fruits are small, 1-2 lbs. Fruit is slightly oblong, and the flesh is crisp and juicy. Makes a great cooking melon; keeps well. A very rare heirloom.
Yellow Canary
An elongated-shaped melon with a deep-yellow rind. Flesh is light-green and very sweet and tasty! A favorite! Good yields!

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