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These are the varieties of open-pollinated (non-hybrid)
 sweet pepper plants that we expect to offer in 2004.
This year we offered more than 15 varieties of sweet pepper plants.

Very large, long frying peppers, up to 11" 2 1/2". Tall plants give good yields over a long season, and the fruit is very sweet and delicious! This pepper was named after Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina.
Albino Bullnose
Early, sweet, white-cream colored bell peppers; dwarf plants. Good for the north. White peppers have been listed in catalogs since before the turn of the last century.
Bonita (Belle) Hybrid
This hybrid pepper produces an abundance of large, slightly elongated, beautiful green or deep red fruits with thick, crisp flesh. Mild, sweet flavor. Outstanding for stuffing and in salads.
California Wonder
An excellent green bell pepper. Nice size and very good yield. A popular old-time variety.
Chinese Giant
A huge bell pepper from the year 1900. Early, 6" 4 1/2" sweet red fruit have thick flesh. It was the largest bell pepper in the early part of the last century.
Corno di Toro Giallo
The traditional favorite in Italy, the long 8" tapered, bull-horn shaped golden-yellow peppers are sweet and spicy. They are great fresh or roasted. Large plants yield well. Among the best peppers you can grow and so delicious.
Corno di Toro Rosso
Same as above but fruits are a deep glowing red. These are wonderful for fresh, roasting, and frying. Great for market growers and  home gardeners alike.
Emerald Giant
Large, blocky bell peppers have thick sweet flesh. Dark green fruit turn red when ripe. Vigorous plants give heavy yields. A good variety for the south.
Golden Cal Wonder
Colorful golden bell peppers that are very sweet and tasty. Superb for fresh eating; great for kitchen or market gardens.
Golden Greek Pepperoncini
Considered a hot pepper by some, this is the delicious Greek that is great for pickling. Long, thin fruit turn bright yellow when ripe. They hold their color and flavor well when pocessed. A wonderful pepper for home or specialty market growers.

Golden Treasure
Beautiful, sweet golden-yellow peppers. This Italian heirloom is excellent for frying, roasting, and fresh eating. Large tapered 9" fruit.
Italian Pepperoncini
Considered a hot pepper by some, this is the popular, little thin pickling pepper from Italy. 3"-5" fruit have a superb flavor and just a little heat. Small plants. This heirloom comes from the south of Italy.
A delicious pepper with 4" long tapered, pimiento-type fruit that are super-sweet. This fine pepper is early and ripens well in the north. Thick red flesh. A flavorful favorite.
Orange Sun
Beautiful bell peppers are a glowing orange in color. The thick flesh is intensely sweet and fruity. Perfect for specialty markets.
Quadrato d'Asti Giallo
The giant yellow Quadrato bell pepper. The huge fruit are a favorite, the largest variety grown here. Beautiful and blocky, with very thick walls. The flavor is outstanding--sweet and rich! This Italian variety gives very heavy yields. One of the best varieties for marketing. This superb variety is a real winner!
Quadrato d'Asti Rosso
Very thick, brilliant red flesh. The fruit are huge. Delicious rich-sweet taste. Excellent for frying, salads, or stuffing. One of the largest red bells. Beautiful and blocky. The perfect pepper for home and market growers. Produces large yields. Very popular with many fine markets in Italy. Superb!
Red Marconi
A late Italian pepper that yields big 7" long tapering fruit. Very sweet; great for frying or fresh!
Trinidad Seasoning Pepper
A delicious, sweet, habanero-type pepper; flavor is fruity and good. Some have a little heat around the seeds. The plants load down with brilliant yellow habanero-shaped fruit.  

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